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Film Studies Degree Programme – Grado en Cine

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    Film Studies Degree Programme – Grado en Cine.


Film as both a means of socio-political communication and as a form of entertainment is a highly influential art form.

Film Studies at Keele is a theoretical degree programme in which you analyse and investigate the possibilities of film, as well as its influence on our understanding of history, the present and the future. You’ll learn how film functions within society, how it explores individual, national, sexual and racial identities, and how it has developed over time and across cultures. This is a broad and challenging discipline, involving the rigorous and critical study of films from around the world. You might choose to focus on your own particular interests, such as film directors, international cinemas, film cultures or film genres.


We accept a number of EU and International qualifications for entry to our degree programmes.
Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses.
Contact us for specific entry requirements for your chosen course and country.


First year

Core modules:
Reading Film
Film Texts and Contexts: History and Theory
Popular British Cinema: From the ´90s to the Present
Teen Movies
Introduction to European Cinema
Introduction to Television Studies

Elective modules:
Mediated World
Digital Video
Scripting for Short Film
New York, New York: An Introduction to American Culture
Understanding Culture
The Photographic Message

Second year

Core modules:
Gender and the Cinematic Gaze
Film Texts and Contexts: Contemporary Global Cinema
Science-Fiction Cinema
French Cinema

Elective modules:
Politics and Cinema
Writing for the Screen
Teenage Dreams: Youth Subcultures in Fiction, Film and Theory
Seoul Summer School
Unheard Melodies: Music in the Narrative Film
Documentary Theory and Practice
Alfred Hitchcock’s America
Twentieth Century Novels into Films

Third year

Core modules:

Elective modules:
Shakespeare on Film: Adaptation and Appropriation
Postmodernism: Fiction, Film and Theory
British Society through the eyes of British Film: 1960s to the present
Representing the Self, Family and Society on Contemporary British and American Television
British Women Directors
Parody in British Film and Television
Film Noir: The Dark Side of America
Cinematic Modernisms
Seoul Summer School

Salidas profesionales

Film Studies at Keele can open up a wide variety of exciting career options in film, television, education, publishing, advertising and events management, as well as a range of other fields. If you choose a career directly related to film, you might work as an editor, scriptwriter, researcher or producer.

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