The course uses a methodology based on professional activities, so that, around a projectual core, a number of key subjects are developed in this contemporary design and illustration training. This structure makes it possible to learn by designing, and to train our students in design processes and cutting-edge digital and communication tools applied to graphic design. Additionally, each project is led by important working professionals, who guide our students through the design process and the methodology of a real illustration project.


- High School Diploma or Equivalent Official Diploma must be handed over by foreign students.
- English level B2.
- Cover Letter.
- An update copy of CV (Resume) or Portfolio in case you have it.
- Academic Orientation with the information and orientation departament.


Foundations of Design
Foundations of Design. Analysis
Foundations of Design. Ideation

Languages and Techniques of Representation and Communication
Drawing. Representation
Drawing. Communication
Digital Technology
Systems of Representation

History of Art and Design
Theory and History of Art

Applications of Science for Design
Scientific Foundations of Design


Technology applications for Graphic Design
Graphic Digital Technology

Graphic Design Culture
Theory of Image and Communication

Workshops and Experimental Projects
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Experimental project 1
Experimental project 2
Experimental project 3
Experimental project 4

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