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History Degree Programme – Grado en Historia

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    History Degree Programme – Grado en Historia.


Develop a lifelong appreciation of the historical past as well as its influence on the societies of today and tomorrow.

At Keele, you’ll study the way humans have always tried to organise their lives – physically and conceptually, individually and together. Such an appreciation of the past is essential to understanding where we are today and how we’re attempting to shape the future, and even societies in the very distant past can be highly relevant. You’ll learn the skills of the historian as you deepen your understanding of eras, continents and cultures from political, social and religious perspectives. You’ll develop an understanding of different approaches to history and the range of skills and methods used in its pursuit.


We accept a number of EU and International qualifications for entry to our degree programmes.
Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses.
Contact us for specific entry requirements for your chosen course and country.


First year

Core modules:
Historical Research and Writing
Histories of the Extraordinary and the Everyday

Optional core modules:
Modern History
Anglo-Saxon England
History Media and Memory
Medieval Europe
Princes and Peoples: European History, c.1490-c.1700

Elective modules:
Modern Local History, from c.1750
Places and Peoples: Local History c.1750-c.2000
The American Past

Second year

Core modules:
Sources and Debates

Optional core modules:
State and Empire in Britain, c.1530-c.1720
Castle and Cloister in Medieval Europe, c.900-c.1250
Saints and Society in Medieval Europe
Victorian Society
Right-Wing Movements in Interwar-Europe, 1918-1938
Imperialism and Empire
English Radicals and Writers
Power in the Modern World
Anglo-Gascon Aquitaine

Elective modules:
Work Experience for Historians
History of the US in C20
History of the American West
Discovering America from Empires to Revolutions
New World in Chains

Third year

Core modules:
History Dissertation

Optional core modules:
The English Civil War, c.1640-c.1646
Health, Illness and Medicine, 1628-1808
After Hitler: the West German Transition to Democracy
Spirituality and Social Change in the Eleventh Century
Urban Lives in Modern Europe, 1890-1914
The World Turned Upside Down: English Revolution, c.1646-c.1653
Doctors and Medicine, 1808-1886
The Making of Contemporary Africa
Negotiating Nationalisms
Kingship of Edward II
Crisis, Conflict and Commerce
Gender and Sexual Identity in Victorian Britain

Elective modules:
Unmissable Histories
History and Biography
Constructing Nations

Salidas profesionales

Studying History at Keele will provide you with important skills to carry through the rest of your life. You’ll develop the sort of enquiring, open-minded and creative attitude which employers are looking for. Some career options may require further study, but you could go on to work as a teacher, librarian, archivist, museum conservator, heritage manager, barrister, solicitor, civil service administrator, journalist, or a politician’s assistant or researcher.

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