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The International MSc in Management is a highly selective program with a strong international scope that offers you a high quality graduate education in Business.

This program offers a balanced perspective on business as well as a choice of majors:

Corporate Finance;
Entrepreneurship & Innovation;
Strategy & Consulting.

The program is designed to provide you with the relevant practical and academic knowledge required for an international career: it combines deep analytical skills with applied learning, project and case based. You will enrich your understanding of global business challenges in the mandatory block of International Management courses.

International MSc in Management students are encouraged to spend an extra semester abroad at one of the top business schools we partner with. For additional international exposure, you can opt for a Double Degree or an International Triangle.

This program can prepare you for a top international management career.


1st cycle degree in Business/Management or Economics
High Academic Standing
Professional experience/internship (up to 2 years)
International experience (exchange, summer school or internship abroad)
English Proficiency:
TOEFL [recommended score] 600 [PBT], 250 [CBT], or 100 [IBT];
IELTS [recommended score] 7.0;
Certificate in Advanced English [CAE] minimum of C;
CATÓLICA-LISBON English Test: dates available on the application platform


Business or Economics graduates with a high academic standing who seek to strengthen their knowledge in management and prepare for top international careers;
Foreign languages and extracurricular activities are highly valued by the Admissions Jury.


The International MSc in Management prepares students for exceptional international careers. The program complements solid foundations in core management areas with a strong international perspective. Students can select among majors to allow additional learning in an area of choice and also pursue a Double Degree or an International Triangle.



The foundation courses are designed to consolidate your integrated view of the firm and the business environment. Some courses can be waived, depending on your background. Most students will be required to take between three and seven foundation courses. Unless otherwise stated, all foundation courses are half-semester and worth 3.5 ECTS.

Business Ethics & Social Responsibility;
Economics of Business & Markets;
Financial Decision-Making in a Business Context;
Marketing Management or Marketing Planning [5.5 ECTS];
Managerial Accounting;
Managing People;
Operations Management;
Strategic Management.

The international courses are designed to strengthen your international perspective on management and prepare you to work in diverse, multicultural business environments. Three mandatory international courses (in bold below and worth 11ECTS) can be supplemented by a wide range of international electives.

Cross Cultural Management;
Managing in a Global Context or International Business Challenges;
Foreign Language Course [4 ECTS];
Banking in a Global Context;
Corporate Governance & Control: An International Perspective;
International Industry Analysis;
International Finance;
International Financial Reporting Standards;
International Marketing;
International Markets Segmentation;
Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship.

Additional courses in your major are designed to provide advanced skills and prepare you for a career in a specific area of choice: Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing, or Strategy & Consulting. Unless indicated otherwise, major courses are worth 3.5 ECTS. A minimum of 24 ECTS in mandatory and elective courses must be completed in your major of choice.

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