The degree in Journalism, with long tradition at CEU San Pablo (1926 was the year when the first school of journalism in Spain was founded) has the goal of offering the best and the most competitive academic and practical preparation, both in national and international terms, to our future journalists. Only in this way can they face with self-confidence and efficiency the professional challenge that expects them when they get their degree.

Our University trusts in academic and professional excellence as well as the comprehensive preparation of our students, quality in education, innovation, research, internships, internationalization, besides full employment for our students.

Besides, the simultaneous degrees with Humanities Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations are also available for our students.


The essential objective of bilingual degrees is for students to be able to use the knowledge they acquire in the two languages and, also, to give them the chance of studying in other countries, which is a compulsory part of the contents of these Degrees. An additional benefit is the personal experience of learning how to manage in a country that is not their own and getting to know another
teaching system and university education with a different perspective, in the setting they choose for their stay abroad.


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