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    Edificio Lluçanés
    Barcelona 08022
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    Monday to Friday
  • Duración:
    240 ECTS
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    La Salle-Ramon Llull University Official Bachelor Degree
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    Our four year business degree responds to the cutting edge demands of the constantly changing international business environment.

    We study management, finance, marketing, operations, the role of business in society and its ethical implications, and focus on technology and innovation as driving forces for change in organizations.

    Through a dynamic mix of theory and continuous practice our students gain real life business experience that will prepare them to be the international managers and entrepreneurs of the future.

    The degree can be studied entirely in English or as part of a bilingual Spanish-English group.


    You can gain admittance to this Bachelor’s Degree:

    From High School if you have passed the University Access Exam. (PAU for the name in Spanish)
    From a Superior Level Training Cycle. (CFGS for the name in Spanish)
    If you have started a Bachelor’s Degree and you want to continue studying it at La Salle (expedient transfer): if you have studied a degree that is not official in Spain, you must validate at least 30 credits, or obtain the equivalence on your academic credentials and do the University Access Exam (PAU) at the UNED, or accredit your studies by the UNED if you come from the EHEA.
    If you are in possession of a university degree.
    If you have done the University Access Exam for 25 years olds or for 45 years olds.
    If you are a student from the European Union or from any country that has an international agreement that may apply to this situation: you have to fulfill the academic requirements to access to University that the educative system of the country you are studying in demands and accredit the University Access Exam (PAU) at la UNED (www.uned.es).
    Those bachelor´s students with partial or finished studies from a foreign university, must bring a certificate from the university in their country which indicates that their degree is official in that country.

    If you fulfill any of these requirements you can start the Admission Process of any of the courses at La Salle.

    Students completing all the credits will receive the Degree in Architecture


    The Bachelor Degree in Management of Business and Technology will provide students with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to understand the modern World of business, preparing them for a future of professional success.

    The aim is to offer students a setting for analysis, in order to be able to conceive the World and solve problems- independently of the industry, career or country they come from or where they are. The Program specifically involves:

    Understanding of the contemporary business environment.
    Appreciation of the role of business in society.
    Knowledge and experience of cross-cultural differences.
    Development of research techniques and analytical evaluative skills in multi-disciplinary fields.
    Enhancement of interpersonal skills and teamwork abilities.
    Practical experience in the working world and networking opportunities.
    The chance to study in another country.


    1st Semester
    Principles of Business Management
    Business Communication Skills I
    Foreign Language I
    Mathematics for Business I
    Principles of Marketing

    2nd Semester
    Accounting Principles I
    Business Law I
    Foreign Language II
    Mathematics for Business II
    Human Resources
    IT Software for Business

    3rd Semester
    Principles of Finance
    Accounting Principles II
    Marketing Management
    Cross / Cultural Management
    Management IT and Information Systems I
    Principles of Operations

    4th Semester
    Creativity and Innovation in Technological Organizations
    New Product and Service Development
    Financial Management
    Business Law II
    Modern Social Thought and Movements and Economic History
    Methods of Decision Analysis

    5th Semester
    Integrated Marketing Communications
    Corporate and International Finance
    Management Technology Intense Organizations
    Principles of Technological Project Management
    Quality Management
    Budgeting, Planning and Control
    Applied Research in Management and Technology

    6th Semester
    Business Project Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Marketing Simulations
    Internet and Multimedia Technologies
    Business Ethics

    7th Semester
    Final Thesis
    Sales Management
    Labor and Fiscal Law in a Global World
    Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
    Management IT and Information Systems II
    Business Communication Skills II
    International Business

    8th Semester
    Final Thesis
    New Technology Ventures
    Channel Management
    Leading Teams and Organizations
    Strategy Management for ICT Ventures
    Transfer of New Technologies into the Economy / Latest New

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