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Master Business and Management - Máster en Administración de Empresas

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    UK/EU students - Ranging from £6,595 -£8,790
    International students £11,600
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    Octubre 2017
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    Reino Unido
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    1 Año
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    Business and Management (MA, PGDip)
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    Welcome to the MA in Business and Management with specialist pathways in Marketing, Enterprise, Accounting, and International Business. This exciting programme is specifically designed to help you to develop your knowledge and understanding of business and management and be able to implement this effectively across a wide range of complex business - based scenarios and in the international context.

    Specialist pathways:
    MA Business and Management (Marketing)
    MA Business and Management (Enterprise)
    MA Business and Management (Accounting)
    MA Business and Management (International Business)


    Applications from a variety of backgrounds are welcomed. Normally a good honours degree in any academic discipline or a relevant professional qualification. Applicants who do not meet the academic entry standard, but who have relevant work experience, will be considered on their individual merits by the Course Director. Previous experience and learning can be taken into consideration.


    Trimester 1 (60 credits)
    By the end of the first trimester you will have developed a core of knowledge about the contemporary business environment and the management skills through the core modules (30 credits).

    Compulsory module

    Management in Practice (30 credits)
    This module provides a springboard to management topics which are studied throughout the Masters in Business and Management. Completing this module will develop knowledge of management in a range of business contexts. The module is mindful and covers aspects for students wishing to own their business or develop their career through self-employment.

    International Business and Management (30 credits)
    This module is an advanced learning of international business management in the context of the dynamic, comprehensive and complex nature of this topic. The module provides a critical understanding of the topics that are relevant to international business and management theories and practices. This module aims to develop student’s analytical skills of the essential principles of international business and management especially those relating to the initial stages of involvement in international business. It examines the decisions that have to be taken by international managers from an integrated functional perspective, against the dynamic global environment in which those decisions are made.

    Trimester 2 (60 credits)
    All students take four half-modules. Students within the specialist pathway degrees take two compulsory half-modules and each half-module forming a key component of their discipline of choice. Students can then choose two further optional half-modules from other disciplines, designed to enable them to tailor their degree whilst demonstrating the broadening of their knowledge and understanding from an interdisciplinary perspective.

    Elective module

    Marketing Management (15 credits)
    The purpose of this module is to provide an understanding of the importance of the marketing concept within any organisation. The module outlines both the philosophical underpinning supporting contemporary marketing theory and its application in different organisational contexts.

    Strategy and Governance (15 credits)
    This module focuses on strategy and its importance to any organisation if it is to be able to grow and sustain itself within the contemporary global competitive environment. The module identifies the key concept of organisational purpose linked to both normative and technique based strategic tools and applies these in a variety of different organisational contexts.

    Managing People (15 credits)
    Whatever your specialism, managers increasingly need to be managers of people, lead teams and undertake many aspects of human resource management. It is also increasingly being recognised that organisational performance can be enhanced and competitive advantage gained through the strategic management and development of people.

    Marketing Communications (15 credits)
    This module explores the key issues and challenges in contemporary marketing communications. It covers strategic issues of brand strategy, planning, and channel integration as well as the tactical considerations needed to execute relevant and appropriate marketing communications campaigns that meet the needs of key identified audiences.

    Entrepreneurship (15 credits)
    This module explores the contribution of entrepreneurship and of individual entrepreneurs to future organisational growth and sustainability. It defines the different role of the entrepreneur in different organisational contexts – small, medium and international, and identifies the necessary requirements associated with the creation and management of an entrepreneurial culture.

    Financial and Management Accounting (15 credits)
    The ability to effectively interpret financial information and to make informed decisions or allocate resources based on that information is a key competence for managers in any organisation, regardless of its size or sector. This module will focus on financial management including financial planning, control and how businesses make decisions and evaluate the relative benefits of alternative project proposals

    Financial Management for International Business (15 credits)
    The purpose of this module is to develop the understanding of Financial & Management Accounting in both UK and International businesses. The module will focus on the understanding and preparation of Financial Statements under International Accounting Standards. This will also explore the nature of costs and techniques used to analyse and control costs in a competitive environment.

    Trimester 3

    Dissertation/Consultancy Project (60 credits)
    After successfully completing trimester 1 and 2, Master’s students choose to work on a dissertation or a consultancy project (15,000 words). This is supported by a nominated supervisor. The module and embedded research methods workshops commences with a series of taught interventions designed to promote scholarly endeavour in the research context, whic results in the formulation of clearly articulated research proposal outlining your research questions and the framing of the detailed work to be undertaken.

    The dissertation is expected to be a scholarly work (that is, based on sound academic principles) that makes a contribution to a field of knowledge. It enables you to demonstrate your ability to use learning derived from your studies to resolve a problem, answer a question or prove/disprove a hypothesis related to business, markets, or organisations.

    The Consultancy Project is expected to be a competently structured and professionally implemented investigation into a real-world issue being faced by a real-life organisation and will combine a sound base of investigative theory with a pragmatic and practical application to the practitioner environment. It enables you to demonstrate your ability to use learning derived from your past studies to confront and resolve a management problem or issue.

    Salidas profesionales

    This programme is designed to prepare participants for a wide range of careers in general management across all industry sectors. It will prepare you for entry level into management and ready you for progression to middle management positions. The advanced learning that it provides delivers practical management based skills and techniques that are directly applicable to a wide range of occupations.

    Study within the specialist pathways allows for further concentration of skills and techniques in marketing and in business start-up and small and medium size business management. The content of the programme is also directly applicable those participants who wish to work in a self-employed capacity in the creative and performing arts sectors.

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