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    Unlimited number of Scholarships available for September 2016/January 2017
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    EU £9,250 Non EU £14,000
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    Enero 2018
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    89 Holdenhurst Road
    Bournemouth BH8 8
    Reino Unido
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    1 Año
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    Finance MSc
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    A clear understanding of the theory and practice relating to finance, as well as an ability to engage in quantitative analysis, is vital in the modern and ever-changing world of financial markets and corporations. As a result, people with the correct blend of knowledge and skills are highly sought after and command a premium in terms of remuneration.


    A good Bachelors Honours degree, 2:1 in Accounting/Finance/Economics or equivalent. We may consider a degree with elements of finance, accounting or economics e.g. Business and Finance.


    This course provides a unique blend of theory and practice, with the aim of you developing the necessary skills to pursue a successful career in finance. The course is designed to be highly flexible, enabling you to tailor its content to suit your needs and career ambitions. Our team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers and support staff will work closely with you to ensure your experience is both intellectually stimulating and tailored to your individual career goals.


    Stage 1
    Financial Markets
    This unit aims to provide you with a deep knowledge and understanding of the various types of financial markets, their linkages and their role in modern economies. In addition, it aims to develop your critical awareness of contemporary issues and to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the quantitative and qualitative research techniques which are applicable in this field.

    Money and Banking
    This unit aims to provide you with a deep knowledge of the functions of money and banking and their importance in the economy. In addition, this unit will provide you with a fundamental understanding of interest rates and yield curves, monetary policy issues and banking regulation at an international context. Finally, this unit aims to enhance your critical awareness of contemporary issues in money and banking.

    International Accounting and Analysis
    The unit aims to explain the main principles involved in the production of financial statements, outline the theoretical and regulatory framework within which financial accounting operates and provide techniques for the analysis and critical appraisal of corporate financial reporting.

    Stage 2
    Core Unit

    Financial Econometrics
    This unit will teach you mathematical, programming and statistical tools used in the real world analysis and modelling of financial data. You will then apply these tools to model asset returns, the stock, bond and exchange rate, and measure risk using different software.

    Optional Units* (Choose two)

    International Direct Taxation
    The globalisation of business means that firms must not only understand the domestic tax systems in the states in which they operate, but also the ways in which those systems interact. Direct taxes at the federal level usually account for between 10 and 30 percent of pre-tax profits and this unit aims to foster an understanding of the international tax system and the principal tax planning techniques open to multinational firms.

    Public Finance and Tax Policy
    Following the global financial crisis in the late 2000s, public finances have become central in academic, political and populist debate. This unit focuses on the revenue side of public finance with the aim of equipping you to evaluate the quality of the decisions taken by governments on maintaining and reforming their tax systems.

    Global Economic Challenges
    The unit aims to introduce you to economic theory and methodology as it applies to specific areas of applied economics. It does so in a way that demonstrates how economic theories and techniques can be used to address many of the most important issues facing humanity.

    Emerging Market Economies
    This unit intends to develop an understanding of the issues involved in emerging market economies. Its focus is upon economic issues and the economic consequences of political and social aspects of integration and development.

    Corporate Governance and Ethics
    You will develop a critical understanding of the objectives, principles and methods of Corporate Governance practice within different economic environments. This unit aims to demonstrate how an understanding of governance and ethics can aid managerial decision making, particularly in respect of risk management.

    Enterprise Risk Management
    The aim of the unit is to provide an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of risk.

    Environmental Reporting
    This unit aims to equip you with the ability to account and report on environmental matters and critically appraise the usefulness of such information.

    Applied Wealth Management
    The aim of the unit is to equip you with the knowledge which enables you to identify appropriate investment strategies for a wealthy, private client.

    Portfolio Construction and Theory
    The aim of this unit is to equip you with the knowledge of finance theory and the ability to structure portfolios of financial assets within that context.

    Stage 3
    Research Project
    The Research Project provides Master´s level students with an opportunity to undertake a significant piece of self-managed research in a relevant area of particular interest.

    Optional work experience

    You will have the opportunity to undertake work experience as part of the research project unit, subject to interview and availability. The type of work being undertaken will be relevant to your course of study and will provide experience that informs your final research project. Combining work experience with the research project aims to attach further practical context to the value of your learning experience.

    Salidas profesionales

    Some of our Finance Graduates are now undertaking roles such as;

    Finance Manager
    Financial Consultant
    Human Recourses Management
    Industrial Development Expert
    Management Associate (Risk)
    Some of the companies that our Finance Graduates are now working for are;

    Caspian One
    Gates Group
    LBC Consult
    Mainstreet Bank Limited
    United Overseas Bank (Thai) PCL


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