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Master International Economics and Finance (Full Time) - Máster en Economía Internacional y Finanzas

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    Unlimited number of Scholarships available for September 2016/January 2017
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    EU £9,250 Non EU £14,000
  • Comienzo:
    Enero 2018
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    89 Holdenhurst Road
    Bournemouth BH8 8
    Reino Unido
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    1 Año
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    International Economics and Finance MSc
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    An understanding of the economics and finance environment in which business operates is essential for strategic decisions in any organisation.

    This business environment is increasingly global and, hence, increasingly beyond the capacity of organisations to simply pick it up as they go along. Even if not trained as a finance expert or as a specialist economist a form grounding in these areas is increasingly a key advantage for middle and senior management.

    There is much evidence that employers are, more than ever, keenly aware of the importance of a good understanding of economics and finance, particularly when this is combined with the ability to apply these skills in practical situations.


    A good Bachelors Honours degree, 2:2 or above or equivalent.


    Stage 1
    Economics of Money & Financial Markets
    This unit aims to provide a solid grounding in the economic concepts and theory surrounding the monetary system and financial markets for students who have not previously studied this subject area.

    International Corporate Finance
    The primary aims of this unit are to address the critical importance of the corporate finance function within an internationally diverse corporation and to provide a framework to assist corporate decision makers in a complex, dynamic and inherently uncertain external environment.

    International Accounting and Analysis
    The unit aims to explain the main principles involved in the production of financial statements, outline the theoretical and regulatory framework within which financial accounting operates and provide techniques for the analysis and critical appraisal of corporate financial reporting.

    Stage 2
    Global Economic Challenges
    The unit aims to introduce you to economic theory and methodology as it applies to specific areas of applied economics. It does so in a way that demonstrates how economic theories and techniques can be used to address many of the most important issues facing humanity.

    Emerging Market Economies
    This unit intends to develop an understanding of the issues involved in emerging market economies. Its focus is upon economic issues and the economic consequences of political and social aspects of integration and development.

    Public Finance and Tax Policy
    Following the global financial crisis in the late 2000s, public finances have become central in academic, political and populist debate. This unit focuses on the revenue side of public finance with the aim of equipping students to evaluate the quality of the decisions taken by governments on maintaining and reforming their tax systems.

    Stage 3
    Research Project
    The Research Project provides Master´s level students with an opportunity to undertake a significant piece of self-managed research in a relevant area of particular interest.

    Optional work experience

    You will have the opportunity to undertake work experience as part of the research project unit, subject to interview and availability. The type of work being undertaken will be relevant to your course of study and will provide experience that informs your final research project. Combining work experience with the research project aims to attach further practical context to the value of your learning experience.

    Salidas profesionales

    Some of our Finance Graduates are now undertaking roles such as;

    Finance Manager
    Financial Consultant
    Human Recourses Management
    Industrial Development Expert
    Management Associate (Risk)
    Some of the companies that our Finance Graduates are now working for are;

    Caspian One
    Gates Group
    LBC Consult
    Mainstreet Bank Limited
    United Overseas Bank (Thai) PCL


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