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Master Principles of Applied Neuropsychology - Máster en Principios de Neuropsicología Aplicada

School of Society, Enterprise and Environment - Bath Spa University
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    UK/EU students - Ranging from £6,595 -£8,790
    International students £11,600
  • Comienzo:
    Octubre 2017
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    Reino Unido
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    1 Año
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    Master Principles of Applied Neuropsychology (MSc, PGDip, PGCert)


The MSc in Principles of Applied Neuropsychology examines the uses of neuropsychology in the clinical world. Studying the way the brain works is crucial to psychology and the understanding of human behaviour. Neuropsychology is central to the debate about the spark of individuality each human shows. This course looks at social cognition and affective neuroscience, as well as studying the emerging field of the neuropsychology of psychopathology.

The course is an employability-centred extension to an undergraduate psychology degree. It is focused on Neuropsychology, but is suitable for any student interested in preparing for an eventual career as a professional psychologist.


This course is suitable for anyone with a good major Psychology degree. It is essential that applicants have a Psychology dissertation. It is not necessary to have undergraduate neuropsychology but it would be beneficial to show relevant experience or plans to obtain relevant experience of work in an appropriate area.


Cognitive Neuropsychology
This is a theoretical neuropsychology module, centred on the study of healthy participants. It provides lectures in hearing, speech and language, memory, sensory processing and perception, motor processing and perception. It features embedded research methods including issues of research practice, preparing a research proposal and the misuse of science.

Advanced Psychopathology
This module includes a neuropsychological perspective on mental health problems. It features a series of lectures on psychosis, affective disorders, fear disorders, principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, and basic pharmacology. The embedded research methods deal with applications to ethics committees, experimental behaviour analysis and outcome evaluation.

Advanced Neuropsychology
This module provides a clinical approach to degenerative disorders, ageing, communication disorders visual disorders, and childhood developmental disorders. The module focuses on the functions and dysfunctions of the frontal lobes. The embedded research methods include performing a systematic literature review, researching a patient population, and using a test battery.

Issues in Professional Practice
This module introduces students to the principles of applied psychology and the processes of recovery and rehabilitation. It focuses on the core skills expected of a practitioner of applied psychology: assessment; formulation; intervention; evaluation; communication skills; and self-management skills. The embedded research skills in this module relate to the evaluation of clinical practice.

This is the opportunity to investigate an area of neuropsychology of individual interest. As part of this module you are required to submit a 5,000-7,000 word paper ready for publication in a specified journal, based on your research. You also have to demonstrate the ability to keep a detailed research log. The research undertaken by students must have a neuropsychological focus.

Salidas profesionales

The course is centred on eventual employment as a professional psychologist. We aim to enhance your skills as a scientist-practitioner, and providing a step forward to meeting the criteria for assistant psychologist posts. The course also offers practical writing skills necessary for communicating complex scientific ideas to both a lay and specialist audience.

Previous students have successfully applied for professional doctorates, become psychology assistants as well as working in neuropsychological rehabilitative settings.

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