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Mathematics Degree Programme – Grado en Matemáticas

Faculty of Natural Sciences - Keele University
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    Mathematics Degree Programme – Grado en Matemáticas.


Our teaching is excellent, as evidenced by Mathematics at Keele having been consistently ranked in the top ten in the UK in the National Student Survey.

On this course you will explore the beauty, elegance and practicality of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. You will learn to use maths to develop precise and logical arguments, construct rigorous proofs, and formulate solutions to new problems. You will study in an intellectually stimulating environment amongst mathematicians producing world-leading research. There is an option to take this degree over four years, by adding a year abroad studying (in English) at one of our partner institutions – which could be anywhere from Australia to Finland, Japan or the USA.


We accept a number of EU and International qualifications for entry to our degree programmes.
Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses.
Contact us for specific entry requirements for your chosen course and country.


First year

Core modules:
•Investigations and Problem Solving

Elective modules:
•Applicable Mathematics

Second year

Core modules:
•Differential Equations
•Complex Variable I and Vector Calculus
•Mathematical Modelling
•Abstract Algebra

Elective modules:
•Numerical Methods
•Operational Research
•Linear Algebra
•Stochastic Processes

Third year

Elective modules:
•Nonlinear Differential Equations
•Partial Differential Equations
•Group Theory
•Numerical Analysis
•Number Theory
•Professional Mathematics
•Time Series
•Linear Statistical Models
•Metric Spaces and Topology
•Graph Theory
•Fluid Mechanics
•Complex Variable II
•Medical Statistics
•Mathematical Biology
•Ring and Field Theory
•Probability Models
•Codes and Cryptography
•Perturbation Methods

Salidas profesionales

Mathematics helps you to take novel approaches to problem solving and make critical interpretations of data and text; your skills will be in demand wherever there’s a need for logical thinking. An extremely wide range of career paths is open to mathematicians, where high levels of mathematical ability are desirable. This can include fields of work as diverse as finance, data analytics, teaching, engineering, medical statistics and management consultancy.

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