Studying at the CEU UCH means choosing a University which is different both in the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. We offer a combination of experience and innovation. It is about being truly international and yet with strong local roots. In short, we can offer you everything you need to be whatever you want to be.


What makes us different?
1. The experience and career
2. The position of care
3. A training bonus connected with employability
4. A double degree, which is also connected with employability


First year

Introduction to Pharmacy
Mathematics and Statistics
Structure and Function of the Human Body I
Science History
Structure and Function of the Human Body II

Second year:

Analysis Techniques
Inorganic Chemistry
Microbiology I
Physiopathology I
Chemical Physics
Laboratory Quality Control Systems
Microbiology II
Organic Chemistry I

Third year:

Biopharmacy and Pharmacokinetics I
Laboratory Biological Diagnosis and Analysis I
Organic Chemistry II
Physiopathology II
Biopharmacy and Pharmacokinetics II
Botanic Pharmacy
Laboratory Biological Diagnosis and Analysis II
Social Doctrine of the Church
Technology Pharmacy I

Fourth year:

Chemical Pharmacy I
Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy I
Public Health
Technology Pharmacy II
Chemical Pharmacy II
Communication Skills
Herbal Medicine
Pharmaceutical Technology III
Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy II

Fifth year:

Biotechnology Pharmacy
Cosmetics and Health Products
Final Year Project
Management and Planning
Optional Units*
Pharmacy Care
Pharmacy history, Legislation and Ethics
Supervised Work Placement

Salidas profesionales

The Royal Decree of 8 November 1837/2008 establishes the basic training needed to access the professional practice of pharmacy and Article 61 includes activities related to the profession of a pharmacist.

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