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    240 ECTS


The CEU San Pablo University of Madrid started to offer university studies in Physiotherapy in 1998. As a result of our experience and adapting the studies to the European Higher Education Area, we have offered the Degree in Physiotherapy since 2010, a degree that lasts four years and is worth 240 ECTS credits. Work experience carried out in different hospitals and specialised clinics is undertaken throughout the four years of studies, with the aim to develop clinical skills and the integration of the student in the working world. In order to carry out their studies, each student is designated with a tutor who will advise them and guide them personally throughout the course of their academic progress.


The objective of the Degree in Physiotherapy is to provide our students with all of the necessary training to be able to perform numerous tasks as a physiotherapist, be that in the private sector (doctor’s surgeries and clinics) or the public one (hospital network, social and health services, etc.), both nationally and internationally.

Over the last few years, the demand for professionals in this sector has increased in order to cover the needs of a population that suffers occupational and traffic accidents, but which additionally, and thanks to the advances achieved, has a greater life expectancy rate therefore presenting a greater number and longer duration of chronic diseases. At our university, we are responsible for giving our students an excellent theoretical and practical training so that they are capable of taking care of their future patients in an optimum way and can develop a successful professional career.



Anatomy of the Locomotor System
Foundation of Physiotherapy
General Anatomy I
General Anatomy II
Assessment in Physiotherapy
Physical Agents I
Physical Agents II
Principles of Kinesitherapy
Study of the Human Movement


Practical Basis of Kinesitherapy
General Pathology
Physical Agents III
Statistics Applied to Health Sciences
Psychosocial Sciences Applied to Physiotherapy
Medical and Surgical Conditions I
Public Health
Specific Methods in Traumatology and Orthopaedics
Manual Therapy I
Physiotherapy in Trauma and Orthopaedic Processes
Medical and Surgical Conditions II
Modern Languages
Clinical Practice


Medical & Surgical Conditions III
Clinical Integration
Physiotherapy in Diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System
Physiotherapy in Diseases of the Cardio-Respiratory System
Physiotherapy in Diseases of the Cardiovascular System
Specific Methods in Adult Neurology
Specific Methods in Infant Neurology
Specific Methods in Circulatory Diseases
Manual Therapy II
Medical and Surgical Conditions IV
Specific Methods in Diseases of the Cardio-Respiratory System
Legislation and Deontology in Physiotherapy
Health Complementary Techniques
Cinical practice II
Research in Health Sciences


Physiotherapy in Obstetrics and Genital and Urinary Systems
Physiotherapy in Physical Activity and Sport
Physiotherapy in Geriatrics
Physiotherapy in Temporo-Mandibular dysfunction
Skeletal muscle physiotherapy techniques
Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church
Physiotherapy Management
Prevention in Physiotherapy
Final Year Project
Clinical Practice III
Clinical Practice IV


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