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Politics Degree Programme – Grado en Política

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    Politics Degree Programme – Grado en Política.


Politics is of vital importance to all of us in our daily lives. It concerns fundamental choices about the ways in which societies are organised and the way we are governed. Politics is not just the concern of politicians. It is about big issues such as the environment and human rights. Political engagement can change lives and encourage changes in government in the UK and elsewhere.

Politics at Keele seeks to understand society and the events and forces which shape it, engaging with questions of power, justice, conflict, legitimacy, accountability, and governance. You will explore why citizens are increasingly disillusioned with politics; what a democracy is; when and how it’s legitimate to protest; and the effects of different models of government. You can tailor your studies to your interests, whether theoretical, historical or oriented to specific issues. Politics at Keele is informed by our research expertise in environmental politics, security studies, European and American politics.


We accept a number of EU and International qualifications for entry to our degree programmes.
Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses.
Contact us for specific entry requirements for your chosen course and country.


First year

Core modules:
•Why Politics Matters
•British Politics Since 1945
•Modern Democracies
•Authority & Power

Elective modules:
•Introduction to International Relations
•The Changing World: A History of International Relations since 1945
•The Politics of Sustainability
•Media in America
•Debates in American Politics
•Environmental Ethics
•Introduction to Global Political Economy
•Securing Global Order

Second year

Core modules:
•Approaches to Political Analysis

Optional core modules:
•Freedom and Equality
•Why Policy Changes

Elective modules:
•Balkan Politics & Society
•Contemporary International Relations Theory
•Environmental Politics & Policy
•German Government & Politics
•Russian Politics and Society
•The United Nations inWorld Politics
•U.S. Government & Politics
•Study Abroad
•British Government & Politics
•Comparing the US and UK
•International Relations of Eurasia
•Peace, Conflict and Security: Theories and Practice
•Power to the People: understanding the origins of Western politics
•Quantitative Methods
•The European Union: Institutions and Policies
•The Practice of Politics
•Work Experience in Politics, International Relations and Philosophy

Third year

Core modules:
•Researching and Dissertation Writing in Politics and International Relations

Elective modules:
•Arms Control and Disarmament
•Communism and Post-Communism in Eastern Europe
•Democracy in Post-authoritarian states: Austria in Comparative Perspective
•Education Politics and Policy
•The European Union and Eastern Europe
•Feminist Theory
•Human Rights: Concepts, Norms and Identities
•Individual and Community
•Political Parties: Origins and Organisation
•Russia and Europe: Hopes for Partnership, Legacy of Confrontation
•Soviet Foreign Policy from Khrushchev to Gorbachev
•Sport in Global Politics: A Neglected Dimension
•The European Union and Eastern Europe
•The Global South
•The Left in Modern Politics
•The Missing Dimension: Conspiracies, Spying and International Relations
•The Political Economy of Sustainable Development
•The Modern Middle East: Conflict, Competition and Cooperation
•The US Presidency
•Understanding Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
•British State and Society in the Cold War
•Citizenship and the Environment
•Citizenship in Theory and Practice
•Complex Social-Ecological Systems
•End of Empire
•Environmental Politics in the US
•Gender, Justice and the Environment
•Modern Russia
•Party Systems and Elections
•Policing International Order
•Political Parties in Divided Societies: Austria in Comparative Perspective
•Protest and Social Movements
•Risk, Security and Liberal Governance
•The Extreme Right inWestern Europe
•The Foundations of Political Economy
•The Northern Dimension: Resources, Environment and Security in the Arctic
•The Other Middle East: Power, People and Politics
•Urban Politics

Salidas profesionales

You might work as a politician’s assistant, a researcher for an MP or think-tank, or a public-affairs consultant. You could work in the civil service, in local government, or for a campaigning or lobbying group. A wide range of other employers also see a politics degree as evidence of your ability to think critically, take a balanced approach, make reasoned arguments and collaborate with colleagues, so many graduates go into careers like journalism or management.

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