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Postgraduate Certificate in Work-based Tutoring

Faculty of Science and Technology - University of Westminster
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Applicants admitted to the course will normally have training/teaching roles and would be expected to hold an Honours degree from a UK university or its equivalent. All applicants whose secondary or tertiary education was not conducted in English will also be required to meet the University’s requirement for proficiency in use of English with an IELTS score of at least 6.5, with the written component at a minimum of 6.5 (or equivalent)


The Postgraduate Certificate in Work-Based Tutoring will offer work-based tutors, trainers and supervisors the opportunity to complete a formal academic qualification based upon their role. Currently the course is only available for UK-based applicants.

The course will provide background information on the historical and current theories of learning, learning styles, types of learner, teaching, training, preparation, motivation, delivery and assessment, feedback and reflective practice and the opportunity for candidates to apply these theories to their areas of practice. The course comprises of two modules: Principles of Work-based Tutoring, in the first year of study and Reflective Practice of Work-Based Tutoring, in the second year of study.

Study is by blended learning, a combination of University attendance and online teaching. The course will start with a day-long orientation at the Cavendish Campus. The modules will be delivered predominantly by use of our virtual learning environment, allowing for flexible study.


Core modules

You will explore the role, function and purpose of further and higher education; the role of work-based tutors and mentors in further and higher education; theories of teaching, learning and assessment; facilitating student learning and improving student motivation to learn; reflective practice; effective engagement with administrative, interpersonal and tutorial roles; pro-active approaches to equal opportunities issues; inter-professional education.

This module consists of Work-based tutoring as an arena for enquiry; cycles of planning, teaching and reflecting on practice; teaching session observation; learning journals, continuing professional development resulting in the compilation of a teaching activity, enquiry and reflective practice portfolio.

Salidas profesionales

The course is designed to meet the needs of employees with an interest or role in work-based teaching and training. It will facilitate the further development of current practice or prepare you for future roles in teaching and training.


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