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Sociology Degree Programme – Grado en Sociología

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    Sociology Degree Programme – Grado en Sociología.
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    For over 50 years, our Sociology programme has encouraged students to explore creative approaches to difficult challenges in our rapidly changing society.

    You will learn to think independently, critically, and imaginatively about important social issues and the events which shape our lives, developing explanations for a wide range of phenomena and seeking solutions to social problems. Our Sociology programme will provide you with a grounding in the core concepts of the discipline, develop your skills in social research and enable you to explore a range of contemporary social issues. You might explore issues around migration, culture and identity, race, consumption, home and family, globalisation, and urban life.


    We accept a number of EU and International qualifications for entry to our degree programmes.
    Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses.
    Contact us for specific entry requirements for your chosen course and country.


    First year

    Core modules:
    •Classical Sociology
    •Social Inequalities in the Contemporary World

    Optional core modules:
    •Researching British Society
    •Mediated World
    •Modernity and its Darkside
    •Self and Society
    •Understanding Culture

    Elective modules:
    •Understanding Crime
    •Criminal Justice: Process, Policy and Practice
    •Punishment: Beyond the Popular Imagination

    Second year

    Core modules:
    •Contemporary Social Theory
    •Research Methods

    Optional core modules:
    •Cities, Culture and Society
    •Witchcraft, Zombies, and Social Anxiety
    •Cultures of Consumption
    •Families and Household
    •‘Race’, Racism and Resistance
    •Globalisation and its Discontents
    •Analysing Culture

    Elective modules:
    •Crime and Justice in a Global Context
    •Crime, Culture and Conflict

    Third year

    Core modules:

    Optional core modules:
    •Gender and Consumption
    •Streets, Skyscrapers, and Slums: The City in Social, Cultural, and Historical Context
    •Moving People: Migration, Emotion and Identity
    •Home, Belonging, Locality and Material Culture
    •The Virtual Revolution: New Technologies, Culture and Society
    •Sex, Death Desire: Psychoanalysis in Social Context
    •Sociology of Parenting and Early Childhood
    •Medical Sociology

    Elective modules:
    •Popular Culture and Crime
    •Living with ‘Aliens’: Immigration, Crime and Social Control
    •State Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

    Salidas profesionales

    A Sociology degree from Keele will encourage you to develop as a pragmatic and creative thinker – skills which are useful for a wide range of careers. Our graduates have entered occupations including social care, the health sector, advertising and marketing, the charity sector, youth services, and local governments. Some of our graduates choose to pursue further academic study.

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