Technology Foundations (ICET) at Centennial College will provide you with an educational pathway if you are interested in attending one of the school’s technical programs. Once you finish the offering, you will meet the academic requirements for School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science offerings.

Completion may also provide you with exemptions for certain courses in some programs, depending upon the grade level you achieve.

To prepare you for entrance into specialized diploma and advanced diploma programs in the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, this program will allow you to develop a thorough understanding of the personal, academic and professional requirements, including skills in:

The Technology Foundations (ICET) certificate program is geared towards applicants who, for whatever reason, do not meet the regular entrance requirements for Centennial’s programs.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature applicant status (19 years or older)


Semester 1
Foundations 1: Developing College Communications Skills
Occupational Health and Safety Part 1
Elementary Mathematics I
Engineering Principles & Technical Applications - ICET

Semester 2
Foundations 2: Building College Communications Skills
Occupational Health and Safety Part 2
Elementary Mathematics II
Microcomputer Applications for Technology A
Inquiry to Physics

Salidas profesionales

Biomedical Engineering Technology
Computer Repair and Maintenance
Computer Systems Technician – Networking
Computer Systems Technology – Networking
Electronics Engineering Technician
Electronics Engineering Technology
Health Informatics Technology
Software Engineering Technician
Software Engineering Technology
Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming

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