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What makes us different?
1. Experience and the career path
2. State-of-the-art facilities
3. Professionals in the classroom
4. Students at the heart of the action (during placements as well)
5. An international vocation


1 Year
Basic Sciences
Veterinary Biostatistics and Scientific Method
Structure and Function I
Introduction to Veterinary
Philosophical Anthropology
Structure and Function II
Ethnology and the Basics of Ethology and Animals Protection

2 Year
Structure and Function III
Biological Agents of Veterinary Interest
Applied Veterinary Foundations
Pharmacological and Therapeutic Foundations
Legal Aspects of Veterinary Practice
Introduction to veterinary Clinics
Veterinary History

3 Year
Equine clinic I 10
Small Animal Clinic I
Introduction to Animal Production
Management of Porcine farming, Health and Production
Management of Sheep and Goat farming, Health

4 Year
Social Doctrine of the Church
Management of Bird and Rabbit farming, Health and Production
Management of Bovine farming, Health and Production
Equine clinic II
Management of Aqua- and Apiculture farming, Health and Production
Small Animal Clinic II

5 Year
Food Technology, Hygiene and Control
Quality and Safety Management in the Food Industry
Production Animal Clinics
Final Year Project
Professional Workshop
Supervised Practice

Salidas profesionales

Veterinary is one of the careers which is ruled by the sectorial directives of CEE. It implies automatic recognition of the degree between CEE member states. Proposed professional profiles will allow the Veterinary graduate to take on different work positions where they will be able to develop activities related to:

Veterinary Medicine
Animal Production and Health
Hygiene, Safety and Food Technology


GC 1. Capacity for self-criticism and sensibility towards the diversity of people, cultures and businesses.
GC 2. Development of a critical view on science, based on the knowledge of the social determinants of scientific development.
GC 2. Basic knowledge of the origin and development of the great traditions of knowledge related to nature in the West, with special attention to those in the fields of natural history, medicine and veterinary medicine.


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