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Bachelor in Media Production - Grado en Producción en Medios de Comunicación

Faculty of Media and Communication - Bournemouth University
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2022
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    Reino Unido
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    3 Años
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
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    Media Production BA (Hons)


The course offers a strong client-led industry approach, and aims to imbue students with the resolve and diligence to pursue solutions to communications problems and storytelling possibilities and equip students with the competencies and critical thinking required to thrive and evolve in the fluid, ever-changing creative media industry.

A key feature of this course is that every student studies this broad spectrum of media practice before deciding to specialise in their chosen field in their final year. Every student individually authors their own final graduate project.

The core teaching team offer substantial professional experience, and regular course talks and project briefs with industry practitioners guarantee the course reflects the current trends and interests in the industry, offering a course which is highly academic and thoroughly professional. This is encapsulated in our term “the reflective practitioner” which is the philosophy behind our approach.


The entry requirements for this course are 112-128 tariff points from 3 A-Levels or equivalent qualifications.

If English is not your first language, you will need to provide evidence that you can understand English to a satisfactory level. English language requirements for this course are normally:

IELTS (Academic) 6.0 with minimum 5.5 in each component, or equivalent.


This exciting new course aims to produce graduates who are the story-tellers, content-providers, and media-producers of the future – creative, motivated, multi-skilled, reflective practitioners. This skills-based course is designed to develop your professional practice and understanding of digital film production, web development, audio and radio production, as well as experimenting and developing new models for media harnessing the power of emerging platforms.


Year 1 / Level C
Developing Arguments
This introduces you to the critical thinking and learning processes involved in studying media at academic level and beyond. It focusses on the developing your information gathering, processing and presentation skills in order to develop your ability to form arguments based upon theoretical evidence.

Scriptwriting Fundamentals
This unit introduces you to the role of the script in the development of a media product and will provide a foundation in the development of your scriptwriting skills for a range of platforms and formats such as film, television, radio and the web.

Digital Film 1
This unit explores the principles and practice of digital film production and workflows, including pre-production, production and post-production considerations. You will work in groups to develop ideas and follow the production process to author group-based projects

Media in Transition
This unit takes an historical look at different creative and media industries, and addresses and examines their relationship with new technology and audiences. You will look historically at the local and national press, radio, television, cinema and digital media and will engage with a range of theoretical and critical perspectives, paying particular attention to the changing nature of media audiences, and shifts in media engagement and participation.

Networked Media 1
You will consider the basic concepts and develop key skills for understanding and producing networked media artefacts during this unit.

Audio Production 1
You will develop a critical awareness of professional processes and practices, in the creative experimentation, conception, planning, design and realisation of audio content.

Year 2 / Level I
Media Theory Perspectives
You choose two theory study options from a menu of choices to help you further your skills of applying media theory to current industry debates. Each option will focus on specific themes in media theory and wider cultural arenas, encouraging you to reflect upon the implications of such theories for your media practice.

Digital Film 2
This unit will extend your understanding and capability in digital film production through the planning and realization of fiction-based film projects. You will hone their skills and competencies for authoring contemporary short films, including effective planning and preparation, working with others to maximize resources, developing directorial flair and style, and successfully overseeing the workflow from production to screening.

Networked Media 2
Building on the year one unit, you will develop and deepen your understanding of digital media and networked media convergence.

Work in the Media Industry
You will develop a broad and critical understanding of the current state of the media industry, its adaptive and evolutionary nature, and the implications of this transitional culture for industry workers.

Audio Production 2
Building on the year one unit, you will further extend your skills in short form narrative and in particular the ability to work cross platform.

Media Technology
This unit includes historical, professional and cultural dimensions that underpin the evolution of media technology and its impact on the media producer. You will learn the basics of light, lenses, image capture, the video chain, sound, digital and analogue domains, computing, compression codes, programming languages and mobile technologies.

Year 3 - The Placement Year
Optional 1 year placement

Year 3 or 4 (depending on placement) - Level H
Advanced Specialist Production Skills
This unit will enable you to review, sharpen and further develop your craft skills within aspects of media production to inform your production work in year three.

Ideas and Impact
You will explore turning ideas and concepts into commercially viable end products to be pitched, sold, defended and tested in the global creative media market place.

Industry Research Project
You will undertake a research project into a current industry debate that arises from your placement experience.

The Graduate Production Project
You will individually produce a production project where you decide the mix and range of media to engage with, and the industry context it sits within. This is your ‘calling card’ for employment!

Career Planning
This unit provides a reflective space where you will consider your experiences of the course and the industry whilst constructing a forward-facing career plan.

Salidas profesionales

Once you have successfully completed this course, you will be joining an extensive, successful alumni community and will be well placed to find work in the fluid, ever-changing world of media production. This could encompass working in radio, television and/or interactive media industries.

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