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Bachelor in Sociology and Criminology - Grado en Sociología y Criminología

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences - Bournemouth University
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2022
  • Lugar:
    Royal London House, Christchurch Road
    Dorset (Bournemouth) BH1 3LT
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    3 Años
  • Titulación:
    BA (Hons) Sociology and Criminology


Sociology and Criminology together provide analysis and understanding of a continually evolving world and issues relating to crime, deviance and its management in the context of changing demographics, globalisation, and migration. Sociology seeks to gain a clearer understanding of society and social processes to address the problems of late modern societies and criminology adds a distinctive flavour to our understanding of crime, deviancy, criminal behaviour and the processes of criminalisation in those societies. As well as being taught by academic experts, specialist guest speakers and field trips will help to round out your second-to-none educational experience.


The entry requirements for this course are 104 tariff points from 3 A-levels. BTEC Extended Diploma of DMM.

If English is not your first language, you will need to provide evidence that you can understand English to a satisfactory level. English language requirements for this course are normally:

IELTS (Academic) 6.5 with a minimum of 5.5 in each component of writing, speaking, listening and reading or equivalent.


We are looking for applicants who:

Have an interest in the subject as well as the motivation and commitment to undertake the course
Can demonstrate personal skills and qualities relevant to the course
Have an ability to read, digest and analyse information
Can work independently as well as in groups.


Year 1

Core units
Introduction to Criminology & the Criminal Justice System: An introductory exploration of crime, the discipline and study of criminology, drawing on international perspectives, and the history and development of the criminal justice system and penology, especially in the UK. There will also be scope for international comparison of approaches to crime and punishment in developed and less developed societies.

Social Exclusion & Discrimination: You will explore the nature, lived experience, impact and possible causes of social exclusion and discrimination, using sociological and anthropological approaches. You will apply relevant sociological and anthropological enquiry to explore social exclusion, inequality, discrimination and oppression.

Introduction to Social Research: This unit offers a broad introduction to sociological and anthropological methods and approaches to research. You will be introduced to a range of classic and contemporary examples of social research and will develop your knowledge of research methods and methodologies in dedicated skills workshops. Finally, you will be encouraged to carry out your own supervised group project into social phenomena as the first formal step into conducting your empirical at undergraduate level.

Introduction to Social, Crime Theory & Deviance: You are introduced to key social theory that has informed classical and contemporary sociology and anthropology. Such theories will be embedded in the historical and philosophical context of the analysis of Western society and its social forms.

Understanding Rural & Urban Communities: This unit aims to provide you with a broad overview of the development of urban and rural communities. You will be encouraged to consider the ways in which ‘rural’ and ‘urban’ are represented in contemporary society, and how this impacts upon both individual and community identity and participation.

Families & Kinship in Contemporary Society: The overall aim of this unit is to introduce you to the complexity of family constellations and their meanings in contemporary societies. You will be introduced to the sociology of families, competing definitions, social policies relating to families, and comparative international family practices as they constitute and are constituted by their members.

Year 2

Core units
Ethnographies of Crime & Policing: You will explore ethnographies of crime and policing. You will study critically how crime and ‘policing’ may be understood and approached within social worlds and will observe ‘policing’ behaviour in Bournemouth.

Methods & Methodologies in the Social Sciences: You’ll broaden your understanding and familiarity with core social research design, modes of analysis and methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative and emancipatory methods.

What hurts, where does it hurt, how much does it hurt? – The Impact & Costs of Crime: The unit will explore the obvious and less obvious ‘costs’ and impact of crime on individuals (whether ‘victim’ or ‘perpetrator’ or others, such as the families of offenders), on communities and on society at large. This will include the obvious personal safety aspects, as well as the emotional, social and financial impact on individuals,communities and wider society.

Trafficking, Migration & Criminality: You will consider the relationship between trafficking, migration and criminality. The unit looks at different forms of trafficking (including human trafficking, the drug trade, the global sex industry, organ trafficking and the smuggling of commodities) across a number of countries in Europe, North Africa, South East Asia and the United States and considers the trafficking industry in relation to South to North migration flows.

Option units (choose two)
Growing Up & Growing Old
Crime Health & Society
20-day Placement
Into the Field
Globalisation & Marginalisation

Year 3
Placement: You´ll complete an optional minimum 30-week placement which can be carried out anywhere in the world. The placement year offers you a chance to gain experience and make contacts for the future.

Year 4

Core units
Terrorism, Protection & Society: The aim of this unit is to introduce you to many of the complex issues involved in conceptualising and responding to terrorism and protection in contemporary societies. You will be introduced to protection and counter-terrorism as a form of social regulation and control of individuals and ‘deviant’ groups (micro and meso issues) and prescribing ways in which society is ordered in an age of terrorist threat (macro-political issues). You will develop a deep critical understanding of the ways in which meanings are constructed and how these impact on social life.

Addressing Crime: Penology, Prevention & Victims: You will consider individual level responses designed to prevent crime and to protect individuals, an historical review of policing, penology and the development of criminal justice systems. Consideration will also be given to whether wider policy changes such as in education and mental health or drug policy might make a difference in the medium to longer term. Questions of social change and transformation as a way of addressing crime thrown up by the more structural sociological perspectives will also be evaluated.

Dissertation: The dissertation provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your intellectual, analytic and creative abilities through sustained independent work. Specifically, it aims to provide an opportunity for critical in-depth review of the research literature within the broad parameters of sociology and/or anthropology, and to enable students to apply this knowledge in the development of a research proposal.

Option units (choose two)
Anthropology of International Policy & Intervention
20-day Placement
Troubling Gender
Intersectionalities of Crime
Seekers, Believers & Iconoclasts: Sociology of Thought

Salidas profesionales

Social services

Criminal justice

Community work



Government and civil service

Counselling charities and the voluntary sector

International development and aid

Marketing and policy research

Corporate management

Journalism and media.

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