Marketing and Communication Techniques
Introduction to Business
Business Mathematics
History of Economics and Marketing
Modern Language
Civil Law
Statistics Applied to Marketing
History of Society and Commercial Culture
IT Applied to Marketing
Introduction to Marketing

Economic-Financial Analysis in Marketing I
Commercial Law: Legal Market Regulation
Economics I: Microeconomics
Strategic Management
Psychology Applied to Marketing
Business Sociology
Economic-Financial Analysis in Marketing II
Social Security and Labour Law
Economics II: Macroeconomics
Decision Methods applied to Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Liability and corporate social marketing

Communication Policy
Product Policy
Market Research I
Sales Management
Consumer Behaviour
Industrial and Service Marketing
Distribution Policy
Price and Cost Policy
Market Research II
Commercial Negotiation Techniques
Relational, Direct and Interactive Marketing
Marketing and Applied IT Systems

Marketing Plan
Optional 1
Optional 2
Optional 3
Optional 4
Academic validation of credits
Qualification Project


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