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Diploma Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) - Diploma en Tecnología de Ingeniería Biomédica

School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science - Centennial College - Toronto


The Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast Track) program is beneficial to students with a college or university electronics background. Their educational background allows them to gain direct admission into the second year (third semester) of this three-year diploma program and receive an advanced diploma in two years (four semesters).

The Biomedical Engineering Technology courses, which are facilitated through the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, combine engineering with medicine. You use technical problem-solving skills while learning about biomedical engineering principles, among which are:

Embedded microcontrollers
Product engineering in the design of medical equipment, rehabilitation and health improvement devices
The merger between the biomedical equipment industry, engineering and scientific disciplines has seen innovations within the healthcare system which require qualified professionals in biomedical engineering. Biomedical Engineering Technology graduates are in demand! The program continues to evolve to reflect the ever-growing innovations in the industry, upgrading its curriculum to do so.


College diploma or university degree in a related science or engineering area
We will consider applicants with a combination of partial diploma or degree and relevant work experience

Additional Requirements:
Transcript and resume review
Centennial College English Skills Assessment (must score 170 or 171 for admission)


Start Date:Fall, Winter

Semester 1
Applied Ethics in Technology and the Environment
Biomedical Physiology
Medical Signal Processing
Microbiology and Infection Control
College Communications 2
Electronic Circuits
Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action
Math for Biomedical Engineering Technology

Semester 2
Medical Instrumentation
Dialysis & Water Treatment
Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing
Measurement and Instrumentation
Electronic Applications

Semester 3
Biomedical Research and Develoment
Computer Networking in Healthcare
Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Product Sales & Services
Report Writing in a Technical Environment
System Integration
General Education Elective

Semester 4
Biomedical Instrument Troubleshooting
Advanced Dialysis Technology
Biomedical Capstone Project
Employment Skills
Applications with Microcontrollers
Wireless Networks and Applications

Salidas profesionales

Biomedical engineer
Engineering technologist

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