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Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ADE) (en inglés)

Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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    240 ECTS
  • Condiciones:
    Students with a European Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate, or students who come from educational systems of Member States of the European Union or other States that have international agreements with Spain in terms of University admission, may enroll in the Degree provided that they fulfill the language requirement described above.
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
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    Título Oficial de Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas (en inglés)


The Complutense University of Madrid’s Faculty of Economics & Business has been offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration since 1971. The Faculty has in the meantime consolidated a broad academic experience in combination with a strong research activity.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration prepares students to occupy positions of responsibility in private companies as well as public organizations, both at the Spanish and international level.

Students can choose to specialize in Accounting, Business Management, Finance, or Marketing, and this specialization will appear in their academic degree (“Bachelor in Business Administration with a specialization in ...”). There is a choice of many optional courses, including an External Internship. Additionally, the Degree can be taken 100% in English.

The Faculty of Economics & Business, located in the Somosaguas Campus in Madrid, offers students a wide range of additional services, such as an Internship Office, International Relations Office, Library, mentoring program for first year students, Conference Cycles, Training Activities, and Professional orientation workshops.

The Faculty also offers Double Degree programs in Business Administration and Law (including an English-language group), as well as Business Administration and Informatics Engineering (currently only in Spanish).

Moreover, the Faculty offers the possibility of carrying out a four-year program in collaboration with the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht (HWR – Berlin), allowing students to obtain a Dual Degree in Business Administration of both the UCM and the Berlin School of Economics and Law.


Applicants for the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration should have a gift for continuously treating with people, be interested in developing their professional career in a Spanish or international company, and have an independent and entrepreneurial spirit as well as an ability to work in a team.


The objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration is for students to acquire a deep knowledge and practical training about the nature of business and its relationship with the environment, as well as of the methods and techniques of direction and management in different areas of responsibility within the business sector.

The Degree in Business Administration enables students to manage and administer a company in accordance with its resources in order to maximize the benefit. Graduates will be able to integrate into any functional area of a company and easily perform any management task entrusted to them. They will know how to perform diagnostics and provide proposals for improvement in the different departments, such as human resources, marketing, etc.

Graduates will also know how to summarize and publish economic and financial information through financial statements, to identify relevant sources of economic information and analyze their content, and to derive from the data the relevant information necessary to assess the current situation and forecast the future evolution of a company.

To sum up, the Degree in Business Administration enables students to solve all kinds of problems related to companies and their business operations. They will also be able to work in other languages (mainly English), individually or in group, under circumstances of pressure, and with a proficient use of the relevant ICT tools.


Year One

Business Law
Business Mathematics I
Business Mathematics II
Business Statistics I
Economic History
Financial Accounting I
Introduction to Economics
Principles of Business Financial Management
Principles of Business Management

Year Two

Business Statistics II
Commercial Law I
Economic Policy
Financial Accounting II
Financial Mathematics
Industrial and Business Sociology
International Economics for Business
Management Accounting
Organization and Design
Spanish Economy
Tax System I

Year Three

Analysis and Accounting Consolidation
Asset Valuation and Investment Analysis
Decision Analysis
Financing Decisions
Human Resources Management
Market Research
Principles of Marketing
Production Management
Tax System II

Year Four

Consumer Behaviour
Financial Analysis and Planning
Strategic Management
Nine Electives or Six Electives and Internship
Bachelor Thesis

Year Four Electives

Spanish Financial System
External Internships

Accounting Track
- Specific
Audit of Financial Statements
Company Accounting
Computer Applications for Accounting Information
Consolidation of Financial Statements
- Recommended
Commercial Contracts
Government, Corporate Social
Responsibility and Sustainability
Risk Analysis and Management
Tax Planning

Business Administration Track
- Specific
Innovation and Technology Management
International Business Management
Quality Management
Start-up Companies
- Recommended
Applied Industrial Economics
Employment Contract
Gender and Diversity in Organisations
Government, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Tax Planning

Finance Track
- Specific
Banking and Stock Exchange Operations
Economics and Bank Management
Financial Economics of Self-employment and Participative Companies
International and National Financial Markets
- Recommended
Applied Industrial Economics
Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Risk Analysis and Management
Tax Planning

Marketing Track
- Specific
Commercial Distribution
Integrated Marketing Communications
International Marketing
Marketing Plan
- Recommended
Business Analysis with Big Data
Commercial Contracts
Data Analysis
Government, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Organizations Sociology

Salidas profesionales

Board member, advisor or consultant in all types of organizations (public or private, profit or non-profit).
Production, purchasing or logistics management.
Human resources.
Financial and investment advisor.
Commercial agent or coordinator.
Marketing specialist.
Accounting expert.
Teaching and research.


General Competences

- GC1: Ability to solve problems. Description: To find solutions and to make a fixed and decisive determination to solve a doubt or problem.

- GC2: Capacity for analysis and synthesis. Description: To thoroughly study a topic, problem, case, article, exercise, etc. and to summarize and collect the most relevant information.

- GC3: Capacity for organization and planning. Description: To know how to define the steps and/or structure required to achieve an objective, and how to adequately distribute the available material and human resources for all the specific functions involved.

- GC4: Capacity for communication and teamwork. Description: To know how to transmit information orally as well as in writing. To collaborate and cooperate with others by providing the best of their skills to achieve team results. To accept and value the competences of others and seek to achieve synergies with their colleagues. To value differences and build relationships based on respect and growth.

Transversal Competences

- TC1: Ability to search for information and to perform research. Description: To be able to locate relevant information using different resources (databases, media, manuals, professional journals, etc.) and study that information thoroughly.

- TC2: Ability to receive and transmit information in other languages, mainly English. Description: To communicate fluently, both passively (listening and reading) and actively (speaking and writing), in languages other than Spanish, mainly English.

- TC3: Ability to work under pressure. Description: To cope relatively easily with complex situations that may involve coercion, intimidation, etc.


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