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Post-Secondary Program Court Support Services - Programa de Servicios de Apoyo en Juzgados

School of Business - Centennial College - Toronto
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    Post-Secondary Program Court Support Services


Two semesters in the Court Support Services program at Centennial College is all it takes to gain a broad perspective of the many roles in this field.

The School of Business offering will focus on a practical approach that will see you learn through:

Career-oriented assignments;
Mock court tribunals;
Regular attendance in family, criminal, small claims and municipal court settings;
Attendance at various tribunal hearings;
Work experience.
Because the field will require you to interact with judges, lawyers and other courtroom personnel, you will gain an understanding of Canadian law and how the courtroom clerk functions in the civil, criminal, tribunal and family law settings.

The work experience, meanwhile, will provide you with an opportunity to shadow professionals in a courtroom to gain practical, real courtroom knowledge. Faculty and staff will work closely with you to maximize your shadowing experience.

If you enjoy getting your courtroom fix from TV shows, it is time to put down the remote and join the action by attending the Court Support Services program.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent


Semester 1
Court Clerk Criminal - OCJ
Court Clerk - Family 1
Court Monitor 1
Practicum 1
Ethics and Professional Conduct
Introduction to Canadian Law
Introduction to Word Processing

Semester 2
Communications - CTSS
Court Registrar - SCJ - Civil/ Criminal
Court Clerk Criminal - OCJ/ YCJ
Court Clerk - Family 2
Court Monitor 2
Practicum 2
Word Processing Applications

Salidas profesionales

Career Outlook
Court Monitor
Court Clerk
Court Reporter
The Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario Court of Justice
Ontario Superior Court of Justice)
The Ministry of the Attorney General (City of Toronto – Provincial Offences Courts)
Municipal Courts
Tribunals and Boards
Official Examiners
Court Reporting Services
Areas of Employment
The Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario Court of Justice, Ontario Superior Court of Justice)
Municipal Courts
Tribunals and boards
Official examiners
Court reporting services

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