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Post-secondary Program Digital Visual Effects - Programa en Efectos Visuales Digitales

School of Communications, Media and Design - Centennial College - Toronto


The Digital Visual Effects program is the only two-year college diploma offering of its kind in Ontario. Facilitated at Centennial College´s Story Arts Centre, it provides you with the opportunity to learn the industry-standard techniques required to produce the photo-realistic visual effects seen in films that would be impossible to capture with a live-action camera.

In this diploma program´s courses, you learn to work with the various aspects of the filmmaking process and bring them together into a seamless final product, while also developing your skills in industry-standard software. The Digital Visual Effects program focuses on the core skills needed to make you employable in the VFX industry and gives you the ability to explain how visual effects contribute to the entire process of storytelling in motion pictures.

You channel your efforts into demonstrating these concepts and core skills through a unique final project, for which you produce a demo reel suitable for job application in the visual effects field.


Academic Requirements
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required) or take the Centennial College English Skills Assessment for Admission
Additional Requirements
Attend a mandatory Digital Visual Effects program admission session, where you submit a portfolio of work that should demonstrate creativity and an ability to communicate visually

We recommend your portfolio pieces include:

3 Digital landscape paintings
4 Digital art pieces (e.g. character concepts, 3D sculptures/models, video editing, photography and graphic design)
1 Interior perspective drawing
1 Shaded hand drawing
2 Additional traditional art pieces (e.g. landscape paintings, life drawings, sculptures and sketches)
Optional pieces can include:

1 Computer programming piece (e.g. original website, scripts, plugins)
Your presentation should be neat and simple and not distracting from the work itself.

This portfolio is best presented on a web blog or neatly organized on a USB key. Please photograph or scan traditional art work.


Start Date:Fall

Semester 1
College Communication 1
History of VFX in Film
Cinematography & The Camera
Editorial and Video Production
Concept Design
Intro 3D
Intro 2D
Creativity In Context
Pre-Production and Previs

Semester 2
College Communication 2
VFX Photography and On-set data gathering
Camera & Object Tracking
Intro Compositing
Intro Rendering
Intro Matte Painting and Set-Extension
General Education Elective

Semester 3
Advanced Compositing
Advanced Rendering
Advanced Matte Painting & Set-Extension
Intro FX Dynamics
Career Management
General Education Elective
Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action

Semester 4
Group Final Project Studio
Field Placement

Salidas profesionales

Look development artist
Matte painter

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