School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science - Centennial College - Toronto

Post-Secondary Program Mechanical Engineering Technology - Industrial - Programa de Ingeniería Mecánica

School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science - Centennial College - Toronto


Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial will focus on offering you knowledge of engineering theory and practice in the manufacture and production of mechanical equipment.

The first two years of the undertaking are built on the strength and engineering principles of the Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design program. As such, you will attend lab courses that will allow you to develop strong computer-aided drafting (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) skills using the latest industry relevant software. Additionally, two individual projects will give you practical experience in designing, building and testing an original piece of equipment using the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science’s machine shop, CNC machines and rapid prototyping equipment.

In the third year of Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial you will specialize in advanced operations systems, shop floor control, production management, basic accounting, and quality assurance using Six Sigma principles and standards.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required)
Mathematics Grade 11 M or U, or 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required)


Semester 1
College Communications 1
Ethics in Technology and the Environment
Technology Mathematics 2
Properties of Materials
Machine Shop
AutoCad/Blueprint Reading

Semester 2
College Communications 2
Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action
Technology Mathematics 3
Applied Statics
Mechanical Drafting (Inventor)
Manufacturing Processes
Applied Electricity

Semester 3
General Education Elective
Differential Calculus and Analytic Geometry
CAD/CAM and CNC Programming
Strength of Materials
Fluid Mechanics 1

Semester 4
Report Writing in a Technical Environment
Applied Dynamics
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Tool Design
Quality Assurance
Project: Design & Construction

Semester 5
Integral Calculus
Machine Design 1
Operational Excellence
Advanced Quality Concepts
Project Management

Semester 6
Advanced Project: Design & Construction
Shop Floor Management & Continuous Improvement
Manufacturing Automation
Facility Planning & Workcell Design
Principles of Accounting and Financial Management

Salidas profesionales

Career Outlook
Supervisor (which offers additional opportunities)
Junior engineer
Assistant to professional engineers
Areas of Employment
Once you complete this Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial offering, you will be able to start assembling your career in areas of employment such as:

Developing quality control systems;
Assisting in plant expansions and layout;
Conducting time and motion studies;
Planning and scheduling new facilities;
Preparing job safety programs and manuals.

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