School of Community and Health Studies - Centennial College - Toronto

Post-secondary Program Police Foundations - Programa en Prácticas Policiales

School of Community and Health Studies - Centennial College - Toronto


In this joint diploma program, you spend two years taking Police Foundations courses in the School of Community and Health Studies that cover:

Current laws
Investigative techniques
Conflict resolution techniques
Criminal proceedings
Community policing principles

The time you spend in the Police Foundations courses results in the ability to communicate efficiently, act as a problem-solver, work effectively in teams and help people in the community.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required)

Standard Policing Requirements
After admission, while attending the program:

You are required to wear a uniform similar to ones commonly worn by both public and private police organizations. You are expected to wear the uniform in the prescribed manner and to assume the costs for your uniform.
In addition to wearing a uniform, you will be required to maintain certain appearance standards as imposed by local police services on new recruits for hiring and entry-level positions. This includes neatness in wearing the uniform, allowable standards of hairstyle and limited use of jewelry and accessories. More details can be obtained by calling the number below.
You are advised that some Police Foundations program experiences may require a criminal reference check. Certain criminal convictions may disallow participation in these experiences and will require the completion of an alternative assignment.


Centennial College´s Police Foundations program is geared towards those who have an interest in police, security and investigation-related occupations in both the public and private sectors.


Start Date:Fall, Winter

Semester 1
College Communications 1
General Education Elective
Canadian Criminal Justice System
Principles of Ethical and Moral Reasoning
Professional Police Standards
Professional Communications

Semester 2
College Communications 2
Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action
Criminology for Policing
Fitness 1
Communication Skills
Current Criminal Justice
Criminal Code & Police Powers

Semester 3
Interviewing and Investigations
Youth in Conflict with the Law
Provincial Offences
Conflict Management
Crime Scene Management
Fitness 2

Semester 4
General Education Elective
Investigation and Evidentiary Procedures
Use of Force
Fitness 3
Community & Experiential Policing
Police Preparation
Introduction to Emergency Management

Salidas profesionales

Police officer
Customs and excise officer
Security officer
Military police
Corrections officer
Private security officer (in loss prevention and corporate security)

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