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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2024
  • Lugar:
    Biada 11
    Barcelona 08012
  • Duración:
    240 ECTS
  • Idioma:
    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design


The course, taught in English, equips Visual Designers with the necessary tools to devise, programme and create visual communications that have an impact on the user, in both online and offline formats. Through the combination of image and text, students will be able to carry out brand, advertising and editorial design, as well as design web interfaces and signage, among others.

This Bachelor of Arts in Design provides comprehensive training in the creative processes of research, interpretation, idealisation and production, with the aim of communicating, provoking reactions in target audiences and finding innovative solutions for a product, brand or space.

The project culture acts as the common thread that brings together the didactic approach, based on experiential learning through commissions from real companies.


The first year of this degree is focused on acquiring basic concepts of design, culture and project methods. Students learn to dare to create and communicate.

As from the second year, the necessary technological and project managing tools are explored, to communicate simple and effective visual messages through the development of the own creativity and interdisciplinary methodological processes. Students concentrate on acquiring knowledge on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Apple Final Cut, etc. Also, some elements are emphasised, such as typography in an editorial context, narrative language in audiovisual pieces and motion graphics.

In the third year students develop contact with companies and also more technical and complex projects, with prototypes and real costs implied, in addition to designs for corporate identity, packaging, signage, posters, etc.

During the fourth year students take a compulsory internship in a company and each one chooses a professional profile. Creative management acquires a great relevance through project management and the capacity of implementing the knowledge acquired in the previous years. In the end, the Degree Final Project (TFE) is developed in collaboration with real companies.

Salidas profesionales

Graphic designer
Visual communicator, art director
Branding specialist, corporate image, editorial, packaging, signage, posters, computer graphics, web pages, motion graphics

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