School of Transportation - Centennial College - Toronto

Post-Secondary Program Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance - Programa de Técnico de Aviación - Mantenimiento de Aeronaves

School of Transportation - Centennial College - Toronto
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    Post-Secondary Program Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance
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    If you are more interested in the plane than the trip, the Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance program is for you. It will give you the opportunity to master mechanical, electrical, electronic and other science skills related to aircraft maintenance.

    Known as Option M, the Aircraft Maintenance program will place an emphasis on the repair of electrical and mechanical systems within aircraft. As such, you will study:

    Environmental systems
    Flight controls
    Landing gear systems
    Airframes and structure
    With each of these systems, in an environment that conforms to industry standards, you will learn about routine maintenance, servicing, inspection, diagnostics and repair as well as performing flight-line activities.
    A large portion of this School of Transportation offering will emphasize aviation maintenance practices, procedures and Canadian aviation regulation requirements through hands-on practice in labs at Ashtonbee Campus’ airplane hangar.


    Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
    English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent
    Mathematics Grade 11 or 12 C, M or U, or equivalent


    Semester 1
    Safety and Human Factors
    Piston Engines and Propellers
    Sheet Metal & Aircraft Structures
    Tools, Materials & Processes
    Theory of Flight
    Aircraft Publications
    Aircraft Applied Mathematics
    Electrical Fundamentals
    Avionics Fundamentals 1

    Semester 2
    Turbine Engines
    Aircraft Hydraulics & Landing Gear
    Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS)
    Hangar - Maintenance Procedures
    Airframe Systems
    Aircraft Solid State and Data Bus Logic
    Avionics Fundamentals 2
    Power Generation and Distribution
    Aircraft Instruments

    Semester 3
    Materials and Processes 2
    Piston Engines 2
    Rotary Wing Controls
    Maintenance Procedures 1

    Semester 4
    Turbine Engines 2
    Aircraft Inspection
    M1 & M2 Aircraft System Maintenance
    Maintenance Procedures 2

    Salidas profesionales

    Career Outlook
    Aircraft Engineer
    Aircraft Maintenance Technician
    Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic
    Airframe and Powerplant Technician
    Aircraft Technician
    A&P Mechanic
    A&P Technician
    Airframe Mechanic
    Powerplant Mechanic
    Aerospace Mechanic
    Aircraft Engine Mechanic
    Aviation Mechanic
    Aircraft Engine Technician
    Areas of Employment
    Aircraft Manufacturers
    Aircraft Maintenance
    Repair & Overhaul Aviation
    Aviation Training
    Aviation Flying Clubs

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