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Post-secondary Program Product Design and Development - Programa en Diseño y Desarrollo de Producto

School of Communications, Media and Design - Centennial College - Toronto


The Product Design and Development program is the only one of its kind in Canada and provides you with the unique understanding to develop high-tech, ecological and socially responsible products from concept, to design, to production.

Combining the strengths of Centennial College´s School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design and the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, this innovative product design and development program´s courses bring together hands-on learning in product and industrial design, and product development with product lifecycle management (PLM). Through interdisciplinary, collaborative group projects, you develop creative design problem-solving abilities and innovative strategies by applying all stages of the visual design process.

You acquire a wide range of skills in this advanced diploma program, including idea generation, creative problem solving, drawing, model-making, the creative design process, 3D CAD advanced computer modelling, rapid prototyping, product development (CAE analysis, reverse engineering technology, materials selection, quality testing, product costing and optimization), product lifecycle management and cross-platform multimedia communications. You also develop a strong sense of the functional and aesthetic principles of design, as well as a solid understanding of the technical and business aspects of product development.

Centennial´s Product Design and Development program meets the growing need for graduates with a strategic vision of interdisciplinary product design and an understanding of all stages of the product lifecycle, who are ready to work in a variety of exciting careers related to consumer product development, electronics, furniture, transportation and more.


Academic Requirements
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
English Grade 12C or U or equivalent (minimum grade required) or take the Centennial College English Skills Assessment for Admission (score of 160 or 161 is required for admission)
Mathematics Grade 11 M or U, or 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required) or take a Centennial College Engineering Math Skills Assessment for Admission
Additional Requirements
You are required to attend a Product Design and Development program admission session where you must present a portfolio of your work.

Portfolio requirements:

Select minimum of six pieces of your original work in art and design.
Your work should demonstrate problem-solving, creative process and your interest in product design.
Include drawings from observation in traditional and digital media, contour drawing of everyday objects, conceptual drawings of products, notes about your ideas for redesign, 3D models in variety of materials.
An idea sketchbook is considered one piece of portfolio.


Start Date:Fall

Semester 1
College Communication 1
Product Design Process and Methodology
Visual Communications
3D Studio 1
History of Design and Technology
Product Development Processes 1
Science 1
Creativity In Context

Semester 2
College Communication 2
Product Design Collaboration Studio 1
Multimedia Communication
3D CAD Design Fundamentals
3D CAD & Reverse Engineering
Product Life-cycle Assessment
Science 2
Technology and Materials Science

Semester 3
Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action
Product Design Collaboration Studio 2
3D Studio 2
Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Product Analysis and Validation - Functionality
Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawings
Project 1

Semester 4
General Education Elective
Product Design Collaboration Studio 3
3D CAD Design Intermediate
Advanced Design Processes
3D Studio 3
Product Development Processes 2
Product Analysis and Validation - Reliability
Course Code
Course Title
Project 2

Semester 5
Report Writing in a Technical Environment
Product Design Collaboration Studio 4
3D CAD Design Advanced
Product Development Processes 3
Product Analysis and Validation - Manufacturability
Project 3

Semester 6
General Education Elective
Legal Aspects of Product Design and Development
Inspection and Product Quality Assurance
Costing and Product Optimization
Capstone Project

Salidas profesionales

Industrial Designer
Furniture Designer
Toy Designer
Product Designer
Design Strategist
3D CAD Modeller
Model Maker

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